Pak Air Force warns Afghanistan, says will retaliate if Taliban attack

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Pakistan has openly supported the Taliban and warned the Afghan army to retaliate. Has said that if Afghan security forces attack Taliban positions in the region, it will face our retaliation. Spin Boldak is known as Chaman Border in Pakistan. Recently, the Taliban have captured this border by driving out the Afghan army.

Afghan Vice President revealed by tweeting
Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Sahel claimed in a tweet that the Pakistan Air Force has issued an official warning to the Afghan Army and Air Force that any move to remove the Taliban from the Spin Boldak area will be retaliated. He alleged that the Pakistan Air Force is now providing close air support to the Taliban in some areas.

Taliban got 3 billion rupees on this border
After capturing the border post built in the Spin Boldak area of ​​Kandahar province of Afghanistan, the Taliban have got three billion rupees in their hands. This money had fled the Afghan army, which has now been captured by Taliban terrorists. The Taliban has issued a statement confirming the receipt of this money. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement, “The Taliban have taken over the border towns in Kandahar province. After the capture of this spin Boldak and the important road located between Chaman and Kandahar, the customs department there has also come under the control of Taliban.

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Pakistan refused to close the border
Despite being occupied by the Taliban on the Chaman border, Pakistan has refused to close it. Pakistan says that this is an important border, due to which thousands of people cross the border every day. If it is closed then people will be inconvenienced. At the same time, after capturing this border, the Taliban have removed the flags of Afghanistan and hoisted white flags.

Taliban capture 116 districts of Afghanistan
Ahmed Nader Nadri, chairman of Afghanistan’s Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission, said on Thursday that the Taliban had halted essential government services in the recently captured districts. They are taking these goods or services to the areas under their control. According to Nadri, the Taliban either torched or destroyed 260 government buildings and properties in 116 districts. He also pointed out that 13 million Afghans in Taliban-controlled areas have been deprived of social services and that 50,000 workers, including women, have been affected in Taliban areas.

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