Pakistan is surrounded all round, international community is considering decisive action, know what is the reason

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new Delhi: The international community has recognized that terrorism is a weapon of Pakistan’s state policy and the country has little chance of abandoning it. is retained on the gray list of financing. It has asked Islamabad to address the remaining gaps in its financial system at the earliest, otherwise it could go on the ‘black list’. Pakistan has been on the FATF gray list since June 2018 for failing to prevent money laundering, which has led to terror financing. An action plan was given to complete it by October 2019. But the country failed to take any concrete action against terrorist organizations and their sponsors. Pakistan’s failure to act against terrorism has made the world realize that the country will not change its course and the time has come to take punitive action against the country, which fosters terrorism. US lawmaker Scott Perry, a Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, has called for the designation of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism. The bill introduced by him provides for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism and for other purposes. The proposed sanctions include restrictions on foreign aid, restrictions on defense exports and sales, certain controls on the export of dual-use goods, and miscellaneous financial and other restrictions.

pak game over
The game appears to be over for Pakistan, as the international community, led by the United States of America, wants to punish it for spreading terror and spreading hatred. If the bill introduced by a US lawmaker is approved, Pakistan will join Iran, Syria, Cuba and North Korea as countries that have been designated as sponsors of terrorism. Their strategy of deceiving and lying to the rulers of Pakistan is not working, so they are confused. In addition to facing the wrath of the international community, the leadership is also facing the heat of its own people. The economic condition of Pakistan is deteriorating day by day. The research done to find out the reasons for Pakistan’s poor economy, it has been reported that lack of good governance, negligence of the agricultural sector, market distortion/high rate of inflation, trade deficit dilemma, discriminatory education policies, allocation in education and Improper distribution of resources are only a few reasons for the suffering of the citizens. During the last 70 years, Pakistani leaders have failed to provide basic amenities of life to the general public, as most of them are puppets in the hands of its army. Pakistan is heavily in international debt and has one of the poorest economies in the world.

k card no longer working
Politicians who sold Kashmir to stay in power have lost that agenda, as the citizens of Pakistan felt that the propaganda was aimed at diverting attention from the real issues. They also know that Kashmir belongs to India and their country cannot take it away. The recent United States threat assessment report has warned India’s Pakistan under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to retaliate with more force than in the past if it continues to provoke New Delhi. Pakistan is surrounded on all sides. Even Muslim countries are not looking towards it, because the country is using terrorism as a tool of its state policy.

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decisive action against pakistan
The international community seems to have made up its mind to take decisive action against Pakistan and the ground is being prepared for it. Pakistan cannot get rid of terrorism and terrorists because it has made them an integral part of the system. Expecting the Pakistani rulers to take action against them is too high a demand, as it is beyond their capability and authority. The international community has assessed all the factors and it is on the verge of concluding that imposing sanctions may be the only way to make Pakistan understand that it cannot remove terrorists and they are being used around the world to disturb peace. can send.

Army general is the real owner
Since 1947, the Pakistan Army and its spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have not allowed any politician to emerge to lead the country. Whoever ruled Pakistan has had to do so under the influence of the army and the ISI. The army generals have been the real bosses along with the politicians, serving as a second puzzle. Since 1990, Pakistan has been sponsoring militancy in Kashmir. The Army and ISI were of the opinion that by securing local support, they would be able to capture the valley within a few years. But all their nefarious designs have been foiled by the Indian Army and other security forces.

world is hostile to pakistan
The international community has woken up. It is supporting India indirectly and explicitly in every possible way in its fight against terrorism. The world has understood that the concerns expressed by India are genuine and that it must act before a major conflict in the subcontinent begins. The continuation of Pakistan in the FATF gray list is a warning that it may slip into the black list and the next step may be to designate it as a state sponsor of terrorism. This may prove to be the last nail in the already ailing economy of Pakistan, where a common man is struggling to make ends meet.

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