Pakistan was furious over the reminder of surgical strike, said – will give a befitting reply

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On hearing the name of India’s ‘Surgical Strike’, which broke the back of terrorists operating in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan gets a hot chili. Pakistan has erupted after Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned surgical strike in a program. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry has said that Shah’s statement is irresponsible and provocative. On the statement of surgical strike, Pakistan said that it is a statement based on misunderstanding and our army will give a befitting reply to any such misadventure. Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmed said in his statement that Shah’s statement was part of the BJP and RSS’s tendency to escalate regional tensions. He said that the Indian Home Minister has given this statement to divert the attention of the world. Pakistan, which carried out terrorist attacks from Mumbai to Kashmir, accused India of spreading terrorism. Asim claimed that Pakistan is a peace loving country but he would give a befitting reply to any aggressive action. Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had warned Pakistan to stay within limits in gestures. He had said that tampering with the borders of India is not so easy. Shah said that when there was an attack in Poonch a few years ago, for the first time, by doing surgical strike, India told the world that it is not so easy to tamper with India’s borders. Amit Shah said that there has been a big change in the approach of the country under the leadership of PM Modi. Earlier terrorists used to cross the borders of the country. They spread extremism. However, nothing happened except a request from the Delhi court. But, when the attack took place in Poonch, India told that tampering with its borders is not so easy. Shah said Modi-Parrikar made an epoch-making beginning. He told that the answer will be given as the question comes from the front.

[Attribution to NBT]

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