Parliament is the highest forum for discussion on topics related to public interest… President addressed the countrymen

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New DelhiPresident Ram Nath Kovind mentioned many important things in his address to the nation on the eve of Saturday. These included the Corona epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics, the parliamentary system and agricultural law. It was telecast live on Doordarshan. President Kovind said, ‘Our dream of freedom was realized through the struggle of many generations of known and unknown freedom fighters. All of them set unique examples of sacrifice and sacrifice. I bow down to the sacred memory of all those immortal fighters. President Ram Nath Kovind mentioned the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic on health and the economy. Said that the intensity of the epidemic has reduced, but its effect is not over yet. In such a situation, get the vaccine as soon as possible according to the protocol and motivate others as well. Referring to the corona virus epidemic, he said that the intensity of the epidemic has reduced, but the effect of corona-virus is not over yet.

Appreciating the efforts of corona warriors
The President said that the second wave of corona is being contained through the efforts of doctors, nurses, health workers, administrators and other corona warriors taking all kinds of risks. Kovind said, ‘At this time the vaccine is the best protection provided by science for all of us. I urge all the countrymen to get vaccinated as soon as possible according to the protocol and motivate others also. During his address, the President mentioned the devastating effects of the Corona epidemic on the health and economy of the people. Said that the government has made serious and sensitive efforts in this direction. “It is a satisfactory fact that Rs 23,220 crore is being spent in a period of one year for expansion of medical facilities,” he said.

Athletes increased their honor in the Olympics
The President mentioned the excellent performance of the country’s players in the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. He said that he has brought pride to the country. Kovind said, ‘I urge every parent to take education from the families of promising daughters and provide opportunities to their daughters to grow.’

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Parliament Temple of Democracy
President Kovind said that Parliament is the temple of democracy, which is the highest forum to discuss and decide on matters of public interest. The President’s remarks came at a time when there was a lot of ruckus and disruption during the recently concluded Monsoon session of Parliament and the session was adjourned sine die. With the commencement of the Parliament session on 19 July, a standoff broke out between the government and the opposition on various issues and it was suddenly adjourned prematurely. Kovind said, ‘Our democracy is based on the parliamentary system. Hence, Parliament is the temple of our democracy. The inauguration of this new building on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of independence will be considered as a historic starting point in the development journey of the world’s largest democracy.

Said this on agriculture sector
Kovind said he was happy that despite all odds, rural areas – especially in agriculture – have continued to grow. When the Ease of Doing Business ranking improves, it also has a positive impact on the ‘standard of living’ of the countrymen. The President said that Annadata farmers would be further empowered by the many reforms made in agricultural marketing. They will get better price for their products. “I urge the residents of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the youth, to take advantage of this opportunity and be proactive in realizing their aspirations through democratic institutions,” he said.

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