Poland’s Maria auctioned her Olympic silver medal for the newborn, the behavior of the buying company will win your heart

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Maria Andrejczyk won the silver medal in the javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics. After two weeks, she is going to auction her medal. You will be surprised to know the reason why this Polish athlete took this decision. When Maria saw the face of an eight-month-old newborn, she could not stop herself from doing so. This girl has a serious heart condition. He needs surgery as soon as possible. Hospitals in European countries have refused to operate on this girl. The last hope of the family of this girl from Poland rests on the Standford University Medical Center in America. This center can do the operation to save the life of the child. However, surgery is going to cost a lot. Miwashk’s parents are running an online fundraising campaign for this reason. For this operation, he needs about 3 lakh 85 thousand dollars i.e. about 30 million Indian rupees. Time is passing fast but the family has been able to raise only half the amount. He himself has given information about this in a recent post. Meanwhile, Maria came forward to help. He wrote on his Facebook page, ‘Mivashk has a serious heart condition and needs an immediate operation. They have got help from Qubus – a child who could not be arranged in time but his parents decided to give forward the funds deposited. I want to help in the same way. I am auctioning my Olympic silver medal for this child. Maria, 25, is a cancer survivor herself. He further wrote, ‘It did not take me long to decide this. This is the first fundraising campaign I am associated with and I know it is true. Polish supermarket chain Jabka Polska won the auction for $125 thousand. However, Polska returned the silver medal to Maria and decided to donate the money to save Mivsk’s life. Jabka posted, ‘We are so impressed by Maria’s beautiful and very sacred work. We have also decided that this silver medal which he won in Tokyo will remain with him. We are glad that we were able to cooperate in this. Maria had missed out on the medal in 2016 by just 2 cm. At the same time, in 2018, he was treated for breast cancer and at that time the dream of participating in the Tokyo Olympics seemed distant. She did not need chemotherapy and was removed through surgery and slowly she recovered.

[Attribution to NBT]

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