PUBG 8.1 Update Is Live on PC and Consoles With Major Changes to Sanhok

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PUBG for PC and consoles acquired its 8.1 upgrade that brings a revamped Sanhok map, a loot truck, an up to date Survivor Pass, and a number of other different gameplay enhancements. Sanhok, which is the smallest map in PUBG, has been revamped with terrain modifications, reworked areas like Ruins, Gateway (formerly Docks), and Airfield (formerly Mongnai), together with a number of different areas. The climate has been reworked as nicely. The 8.1 upgrade brings a new Ranked season, sound modifications, and efficiency enhancements.

PUBG 8.1 upgrade functions and modifications

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The builders had formerly shared patch notes for the upgrade with all of the modifications and enhancements by way of a submit on Reddit, as they have been first obtainable within the take a look at servers. Now, all these modifications are stay in the usual PC and console model of PUBG. Players ought to see an upgrade on their respective platforms.

Sanhok revamped: Key areas of the map have been remastered. These areas embody Bootcamp, Quarry, Airfield (formerly Mongnai), Getaway (formerly Docks), Ruins, mountains, Cave, rivers, Pai Nan/ Khao / Sahmee/ Kampong, and Bhan. The association of buildings within the Bootcamp have been modified, bridges have been added in Quarry, and Ruins have been made into an enormous labyrinthine.

Loot Truck: Trucks spawn in distinct garages across the map and drive by way of with small or giant lootable containers. When destroyed, the truck drops prime tier loot together with unique weapon loot. The vehicles are solely obtainable in non-ranked matches.

Survivor Pass: Payback: The Survivor Pass has been up to date with the brand new Season Eight and brings mission tab changes, added problem missions, modifications in season missions, and Survivor Pass XP modifications.

Gameplay modifications: Gas can enhancements enable players to equip Gas Cans within the melee weapon slot, the explosions have been modified, gasoline could be spilled and set on fire, and the Gas Can even be thrown. There are a number of matchmaking modifications within the NA, SA, OC areas.

Season Eight modifications: The ranks have been reset and Vikendi has been added to the ranked match set. The rule set for ranked matches has additionally been modified. The Survival mastery XP obtainable per match is now set to 1500XP.

Other modifications: PUBG 8.1 upgrade brings efficiency enhancements by optimising pointless processes, diminished hitching throughout icon loading, bodily objects have been optimised to enhance CPU efficiency, and extra. Footsteps sounds have been remastered for higher positional accuracy. There are additionally some UI modifications, social modifications, and bug fixes.


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