Putin to take down dreaded Chechen ‘hunters’ in Ukraine’s war! Can drop ‘Father of all bombs’

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Moscow : Putin, who attacked Ukraine, is ready to cross all limits to win the war. Now Putin is going to field a dreaded Special Forces known as ‘Hunters’ on the battlefield. A report claims that every soldier in this squad will be given photographs of senior Ukrainian officers and some security officials whom Moscow wants to ‘kill’. The Kremlin says these photos are of those who have committed the ‘crimes’. According to the report of The Sun, Chechen Special Forces have been seen training in the jungles of Ukraine. Soldiers were seen offering prayers ahead of their possible deployment to Kiev. Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Russian province of Chechnya Republic and a close aide of Putin, came to meet his army a few days ago. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has said that the enemy considers him their target number-1. He said that the second target of the enemy is his family.

‘Hunters’ can enter the battlefieldChechen fighters are known as ‘hunters’. These fighters have reportedly been ordered to kill Ukrainian politicians and officials. They are believed to be from the Southern Battalion of the Federal Guard Service of Chechnya. On Thursday, Kadyrov met with military officials and other Putin aides. As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, it is feared that Putin may use his deadliest weapon to win over Ukraine.

Russian army may kill Zelensky and his ministersThe report quoted an unnamed Western source as saying, “My fear is that if Russian forces fail to accomplish their objective in time, they may escalate their violence.” Russian soldiers are not following any law or rule. Western officials have warned that Russia’s special forces could kill Zelensky and his ministers if Russian forces capture Kiev. Given the current circumstances, the threat of Putin’s use of ‘Father of All Bombs’ has also arisen.

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Putin has given approval to drop the ‘Father of All Bombs’Before the war began, a British newspaper, Mirror, quoted some defense sources as saying that Putin had approved the demolition of the ‘Father of All Bombs’. This super-destructive weapon can be dropped from a fighter jet that explodes in mid-air and causes havoc in the same way as dropping a small nuclear bomb. Experts say that supersonic waves arise due to the fall of this bomb. The explosion of this bomb releases so much energy and heat that everything around becomes steam.

[Attribution to NBT]

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