Putin’s bodyguards can kill anyone, breaking the security cordon is ‘impossible’, ‘Plan-B’ is ready if all fails

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Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin leads a mysterious life. Not much information about his family and personal life is available from public Russia. What people know is just a guess. As much as Putin keeps a tight guard on his personal life, he himself also lives under tight security. Putin is surrounded by a team of highly trained bodyguards 24/7. This team has a bulletproof briefcase and they have the freedom to kill anyone if Putin feels threatened. Putin has been ruling Russia since 1999. His reign has been full of reckless decisions and strict policies. Obviously, he is also very serious and cautious about his safety. The Federal Protective Service, which employs 50,000 workers, is responsible for protecting Putin and other high-ranking officials, the Dailystar reported. The FPS has the authority to conduct searches and surveillance, arrest and issue orders to other government agencies without warrant.

Crack team does investigation before foreign tourBefore every foreign tour, Putin forms a crack team whose guards arrive there in advance to forensically investigate every potential threat. The team investigates everything from the finer details of hotel rooms to the roads designated for Putin’s road trip. Putin is ‘as safe as possible’ even when he is giving a speech standing on stage in front of a crowd. When Putin is in the crowd, he is surrounded by four tiers of guards, but only a section of it can be seen.

Bulletproof briefcase or Kevlar umbrella provides protectionThe guards of the first level of this circle are dressed in ordinary bodyguards and are ready for any kind of attack. They are fully alert to all kinds of danger and often carry bulletproof briefcases or Kevlar umbrellas that can protect Putin from gunfire. These bodyguards are also dressed in bulletproof jackets and are armed with a 9mm Gurja pistol that can fire 40 rounds in a minute.

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Plan-B ready when all else failsThe second layer of the security circle is in the crowd at some distance from Putin. These undercover guards are present in simple clothes and they are free to take immediate action if they see any danger moving towards Putin. A third circle of guards is present on the edge of the crowd and a fourth on the roofs as snipers who are ordered to ‘sniff’ any threat immediately. Even if all these layers fail, Putin still has an armored car equipped with heavy military attachments.

[Attribution to NBT]

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