Radioactive material leaked from China’s nuclear plant! People scared of fear of another Chernobyl

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The whole world has been stirred since the leak of a nuclear plant in China. This leak, which happened a week ago, was kept hidden by China from the world till now. The French power group EDF is involved in the construction of this nuclear plant, about 30 percent. The EDF has also started its own independent investigation into the leakage. However, no official information has been given about the magnitude of the leak so far. Chinese locals living near the power plant are frightened by the incident in Chernobyl, Russia, 35 years ago today.

French company sought help from America
According to the report of CNN, for the past one week, the US government was assessing this leakage report. In this report, the French company EDF had requested the assistance of the US Department of Energy. In this, the company clearly warned America of the imminent radiological danger. It is reported that the Chinese security authority is increasing the radiation limit outside the Guangdong province. After which it is being suspected that radioactive radiation has occurred from this plant.

Sensation spread due to leakage of radioactive gases
This nuclear power plant has been designed by EDF. Not only this, China also takes the help of this company in the work of operations. The same company has warned of leakage and danger of radioactive material. EDF said krypton and xenon gas had leaked from the primary circuit of reactor No. 1 of the Taishan plant. A company spokesperson said that these are inert gases but have radioactive properties. If the amount of leakage increases in future then a big problem can arise.

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China not ready to accept claims of nuclear leak
Despite warnings from the French company, the US is still not ready to accept that the situation of leakage from the nuclear plant in China is serious. US officials believe that the leak does not pose any serious threat to Chinese citizens or the environment. What is unusual in this is that the French company has sought assistance from the US on this issue, while China is not ready to accept this claim. Experts believe that if the situation becomes serious then the US may be accused of negligence.

America is also holding meetings continuously
However, after receiving the information for the first time, the US National Security Council held several meetings last week. In which two meetings were held at the deputy level and one at the assistant secretary level. The high level meeting with the Assistant Secretary was led by Laura Rosenberger, Senior Director of the NSC for China. It was also attended by Mallory Stewart, Senior Director of Arms Control. During this meeting, the US also contacted the French government, the company there and China.

What happened in Chernobyl?
About 35 years ago in 1986, there was a devastating explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Then it was closed and a part is still closed today. Following that incident, a steel and concrete shelter was built around the plant’s Unit 4 reactor to block the radiation. Here the rate of radiation was so high that people living hundreds of kilometers away were removed overnight. The whole city of Chernobyl is still a reminder of that accident in the form of deserted buildings.

[Attribution to NBT]

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