Rahul’s target on PM Modi, people are hungry for grain due to hunger for power

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New Delhi
The former Congress president on Sunday targeted the central government and said that your hunger for power has made millions crave grain. Gandhi attacked the Narendra Modi government at the Center, citing media reports that claimed that middle-class Indians also had to stand in queues for ration during the coronavirus crisis. With the hashtag ‘Jumlajeevi’, Rahul Gandhi tweeted and alleged, ‘Your power hunger has made millions crave grain. You did nothing but, just gave a new jumla every day. In fact, Rahul was targeting the central government over the news, in which it has been claimed that even middle class people are forced to stand in line for ration. It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had targeted those promoting the protests, calling them “agitationalists”. Congress uses this word while hitting back at the Modi government. Earlier on July 15, Rahul Gandhi had targeted the central government and the PM, alleging the poor condition of the country. He had tweeted, created for centuries, erased in moments, who knows the country, brought this difficult period. Rahul had earlier accused the Modi government of making the country’s defense and foreign policy a political gimmick. He said that India has never been so insecure.

[Attribution to NBT]

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