Rapid action by security forces in South Kashmir, 20 terrorists killed in 8 encounters… 5 top commanders included

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Govind Chauhan, Srinagar
On behalf of the security forces, full force has been applied against the terrorists in Kashmir. Especially in South Kashmir, full force has been given to clean the terrorists. In eight encounters that took place in 20 days, 20 terrorists have been killed. In which the top commander of Lashkar is also included. According to the information, there was a decrease in the operations in Kashmir due to Kovid. After which a series of attacks was started from the terrorists side by side. Dozens of terrorists are active in South Kashmir. In such a situation, a plan was prepared by the security forces to eliminate terrorism from South Kashmir. Due to this, operations were started in South Kashmir. In this area, 20 Lashkar terrorists have been killed in 20 days. All the terrorists killed were of Lashkar organization.

events seem to have stopped
There have been encounters of terrorists with security forces in three Kulgam, three Pulwama and one each in Anantnag and Shopian. Three top commanders are also included in these 20 terrorists. It stars Neeshaj Lone, Arif Hajam and Ishfaq Ahmed Dar. After the killing of these three commanders, there seems to be a stop in terrorist incidents in South Kashmir.

terrorists killed here
On June 30, three terrorists were killed in Noorabad Kulgam. On July 2, five terrorists, including the top commander, were killed in Pulwama. On July 8, four terrorists were killed in two encounters. These operations took place in Pulwama and Kulgam. On July 9, terrorists had escaped from the hands of security forces from Kulgam Redwari area, while on July 10, three terrorists were killed in an encounter in Anantnag. On July 14, three terrorists, including the commander, were killed in Pulwama district. On July 19, two terrorists, including the top commander, were killed in Shopian.

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[Attribution to NBT]

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