Robert Vadra expressed his desire to contest the Lok Sabha elections, can try his luck from this seat

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new Delhi: In the midst of the elections of five states in the country, the Congress party is trying to regain its lost existence in the Uttar Pradesh elections, while the activism of Priyanka Gandhi is also troubling other parties. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s husband Robert Vadra, while giving his opinion on the 2024 Loksabha Election, said that, everyone is expecting me to choose Moradabad or any city of Uttar Pradesh and come out politically and Parliament. I will go

Vadra was born in Moradabad
In fact, there is no doubt that along with the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Congress is also preparing for the 2024 elections. At the same time, Robert Vadra was also born on April 18, 1969 in Moradabad city of Uttar Pradesh. Robert Vadra said about the 2024 elections that, everyone is expecting me to choose Moradabad or any city of Uttar Pradesh, come out politically and come to the Parliament, although now let’s see whether I will participate in the 2024 elections or not, at the moment I I am serving people every day. Whether there is elections or not, I go to temples, mosques, churches or even gurudwaras across the country and when I have been working hard for so long, the place from which I enter politics will bring change and the people of that place will also progress. When Priyanka Gandhi comes home, we discuss politics. Along with this, the people who are troubled in the village also talk about them.

‘Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi never think for office’
Apart from this, on a question about seeing Priyanka Gandhi as CM in Uttar Pradesh, Robert Vadra said that, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi never think for the post. Politics is in his blood. He will work hard for everyone. People from everywhere want him to become CM but it is the decision of Congress party and Priyanka whether she would like to keep her circle till UP or would want to do it all over the country, because she is a national leader. The result of Congress will be good in this election and we are looking at double digits and will give our support to those who will give a good government to the people. Congress party has worked hard in all the five states, we are fighting elections for the people of the country.

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Priyanka has been among people in Uttar Pradesh for a very long time: Vadra
While giving his opinion on Priyanka Gandhi’s activism regarding Uttar Pradesh politics, Vadra said that Priyanka has been among the people in Uttar Pradesh for a very long time. She also stood for help for the farmers, as well as when she reached to meet the victims in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case, she was stopped from leaving. Also, there is an unsafe environment for women in Uttar Pradesh. She has started the Ladki Hoon Ladge Hoon campaign. Many people are going out with Priyanka at once.

Will be in public all the time
Elections may or may not be there but Priyanka, Rahul and I will always stand to help the people. The sixth phase is going on in UP and people from all walks of life are seeing a new zeal. People are also seeing that Rahul is raising every issue. Then the government can suppress anyone. He himself has created problems for the last 8 years. Our family’s security has been removed, but we are never going to be afraid. Targeting the government, Robert Vadra said that inflation has increased across the country. The youth do not have employment. We saw everyone’s condition during Kovid, the government should have spent money in hospitals. But the focus of the government is completely different, they are spending money on Central Vista and other projects.

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