Russia-Belarus encircle Ukraine from three sides, know how Vladimir Putin can attack?

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Moscow: Russia has deployed 100,000 soldiers (with heavy weapons) near the Ukrainian border. At the same time, US intelligence agencies have warned that Russia may attack Ukraine on February 16. Many countries, including the US, Britain and France, have also made diplomatic and diplomatic efforts to avert a possible war, but they do not seem to yield any results. Analysts are warning that Russian forces on the border pose an immediate threat to Ukraine. However, it is not yet clear where the Russian invasion of Ukraine will begin. Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three sides, with Crimea in the south, Belarus in the north and Russian military presence in areas adjacent to Russia in the east. Ukraine and NATO are keeping an eye on these three fronts. The great thing is that all these three fronts have seen a lot of movement in the recent past.

Eastern Ukraine
Ukraine is already battling Russian-backed separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine. Observing the Russian movement has shown that Moscow is continuously increasing the already existing army in the region. Therefore, it is feared that Russia may create the easiest conditions to launch an invasion of Ukraine in this area. CNN has claimed based on satellite images that the military base of the Russian army in Yelnya has almost been evacuated. Russian tanks, artillery and other weapons stationed here have been sent near the Ukrainian border. Large quantities of weapons were brought to this military base in late 2021. Including 700 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and ballistic missile launchers. These weapons have been transported by road and rail near the Ukrainian border. Stephen Wood, senior director of satellite imagery company Maxar, said Russia has deployed a large number of armored vehicles, tanks and artillery from central and central districts near Ukraine. Meanwhile, increasing activity in Kursk and Belgorod Oblasts bordering northeastern Ukraine has raised concerns.

The Russian army has also deployed a large number of troops and weapons in Belarus. Belarus has very close relations with Russia. It is feared that the Russian army may enter Ukraine’s capital Kiev very soon through Belarus. Russia and Belarus on Thursday began a 10-day joint military exercise. Many western countries have expressed fear about this maneuver. Moscow’s deployment to Belarus is believed to be the largest since the Cold War. Belarus has 30,000 troops of the Russian Army, the Spetsnaz Special Operations Forces, the Su-35, and many other fighters, the Iskander ballistic missile system and the S-400 air defense system. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, it is the largest exercise to take place in Belarus. Referring to this maneuver named Allied Resolve-2022, Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed that its purpose is to protect the country from external aggression. At the same time, many experts have claimed that the deployment of Russian forces in Belarus is a preparation for an attack on Kiev.

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Crimea, once a part of Ukraine, has been under Russian occupation since 2014. If Russia attacks from this area, it can also get a great deal of aid from the rebels. However, it is not yet clear whether Russia will attack Ukraine through Crimea. Satellite photos have shown that Russia has also deployed large-scale weapons and troops in Crimea. Based on a photograph, more than 550 military tents and hundreds of vehicles have arrived north of the Crimean capital, Simferopol. Russian army camps appeared for the first time on Thursday near the city of Slavene, on the north-west coast of Crimea. Apart from soldiers, armored vehicles were also seen in this. The new deployment showed that several Russian warships had reached Sevastopol, the main port of Crimea. The Russian Defense Ministry itself posted photos of six large amphibious landing ships at the port on Thursday. The Ukrainian Navy has accused Russia of continuing to militarize the Black Sea region. He is deploying additional landing ships to pressure Ukraine and the world.

What does Russia want from Ukraine?
Russia believes that Ukraine should end its relationship with the European Union. Since 2014, Ukraine wants to become a member of the US-led military organization NATO. This has greatly increased the security concerns of Russia. Russia does not want NATO to have access to its borders. Russia is also angry that because of Ukraine, the US military and other enemy countries are reaching its border. For the past several years, US military officers have been visiting Ukraine continuously. At times, American soldiers have also been seen on the border of Ukraine and Russia. Russia sees this as a huge threat and is repeatedly threatening to stop the escalation of tensions with Ukraine. Ukraine has also bought a large amount of weapons from the US for defense against Russia. Russian-speaking people make up about one-sixth of Ukraine’s population, so Russia claims that the security of these people in Ukraine is also at risk.

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