Russia bombed Kyiv and Kharkiv overnight, tightened its grip on many cities of Ukraine

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On Tuesday night, the Russian army launched strong attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and another major city Kharkiv. Many civilian positions were destroyed in this attack. The central square of Kharkiv city and the TV tower of Kyiv were destroyed in the Russian attack. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called the Russian operation a terrorist act amid this terrible attack by Russia. President Zelensky said, ‘No one will be forgiven and no one will be forgotten.’ The ongoing war in Ukraine continues for the seventh consecutive day. Meanwhile, Russia’s 64 km long convoy of soldiers and weapons moving towards Kyiv has slowed down. Western countries fear that the Russian military is moving in such large numbers to overthrow Zelensky’s government and replace it with a pro-Russian government. The Russian army has now intensified its attack on other cities of Ukraine and is constantly tightening its grip. The strategic ports of Odessa and the cities of Mariupol are targeted by the Russian army. The Russian army is conducting the largest ground operation since World War II. At the same time, Russia is slowly becoming isolated and the effects of sanctions are increasing. Western intelligence agencies estimate that some 5,000 Russian soldiers have either been killed or captured. The United Nations says that 136 civilians have been reported killed so far, including an Indian student. Indian student was killed in Kharkiv after being hit by shelling. Britain’s Defense Ministry says Russian forces have intensified airstrikes and artillery shelling over the past two days. It is being said that the Russian army has now surrounded Kharkiv, Kherson and Mariupol along with Kyiv and many military experts say that Russia is changing its strategy. The Russian army is now moving rapidly to the north, east and south. However, while moving towards Kyiv, the Russian army has faced strong opposition and its speed has slowed down.

Russia bombs Kyiv TV tower
A 1,300-foot TV tower around Kyiv exploded Tuesday afternoon (local time), hours after Russia told civilians to move away as it began bombing ‘strategic’ targets in the Ukrainian capital . At least two large explosions were observed near the bottom of the tower at around 5:30 p.m. local time, about three miles from central Kyiv. It was not immediately clear whether the tower was the target of the attacks or they were targeting nearby buildings. The report said the tower remained standing, but TV broadcasts were stopped in several states.

Order Zelensky soldiers to lay down arms: Russia
Russia continues to recognize President Zelensky as the legitimate President of Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this. He suggested that the Ukrainian president could order the troops to lay down their arms and then there would be no casualties, RT reported. Asked about Ukraine’s post-invasion situation and what Russia would expect from its future elections, Peskov said the issue had nothing to do with the Russian government. “The Kremlin cannot play a role in holding elections in Ukraine,” he said. This is a foreign country.

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