Russia launches high-speed ballistic target with advanced S-500 missile system, will keep an eye on enemy fighters

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Russia has tested its advanced S-500 missile system amid rising tensions with the US and Britain. The missile system was tested on a high-speed ballistic target at a training ground in the Astarkhan region, which is claimed to prevent even enemy stealth fighters from the advanced radar of this system. The country’s Defense Ministry gave information about this and called the test successful.

Air Defense Unit will be given
According to the ministry, the test confirms the strategic and technical capability and fidelity of Russian weapons. The ministry said in its statement that after all tests are completed, the S-500 system will be delivered to the air defense unit of the Moscow region. The S-500 Defense System is also called Prometey. Like the S-300 and S-400, this defense system is being developed by the Russian state company Almaz-Antey Corporation.

based on cutting edge technology
This defense system named S-500 Prometey is capable of shooting down enemy missiles and fighter aircraft from a distance of 400 to 600 km. The most advanced and advanced technology-based anti-missile system ever in Russia’s weapons. Only last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced a phased trial of an advanced missile defense system.

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America is also preparing
Russia claims that its S-500 defense system is capable of shooting down US F-35A fighter aircraft as well. In such a situation, it is also bound to be upset by the US which is claiming that its F-35A fighter aircraft is equipped with stealth technology which cannot be detected through any radar. The US is also developing B-21 Raider stealth bombers that can evade radar.

[Attribution to NBT]

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