Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Users’ pockets will be loose, smartphone-laptop will have to be expensive to buy, know what is the reason

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new Delhi. Russia-Ukraine Crisis: As we know, the war between Russia and Ukraine has started. It is difficult to say when this war will end, but if it goes on for a long time, it can affect many things. Its impact will not be limited to Russia and Ukraine only. It will also affect other countries. Talking about the tech world, prices may increase on many electronic products including smartphones, cars and laptops across the world including India. Due to the war, there will be a shortage of chipsets around the world.

What will be the effect:

According to a Reuters report, 90% of semiconductor grade neon is supplied from Ukraine to the US. On the other hand, if we talk about America from Russia, 35 percent of palladium is supplied here. Semiconductor grade neon and palladium both play an important role in making chipsets. In such a situation, if the supply of these two stops, then the work of making many things including sensor and memory will also stop. Not only this, if the supply of metal that comes from Ukraine and Russia stops, then there will be difficulties in making chipsets. A Japanese chip maker has expressed concern about this issue. He says that the supply of these products was already less and if they are stopped now then there can be a serious crisis on the tech world. Not only this, it will also affect the users as the chipset prices will increase and this will affect the pockets of the users.

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So let us now know how semiconductor chips are made:

Talking about semiconductor, it means semiconductor. The job of a semiconductor is to control the current. Semiconductors are made from silicon. It is prepared to fit into a micro circuit. If it is not there then no electronic device can work.

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