Russia’s destructive tanks heading towards Ukraine, Putin’s army convoy going on train! watch video

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Moscow : Russia has increased rather than reduced its military exercises in Belarus and Crimea. On Sunday night it was reported that a large number of Russian tanks and armored vehicles were moving towards the Ukrainian border. The letter ‘Z’ of English was written on all of them. Some pictures and videos were shared on social media on Monday and it was claimed that Russian tanks were reaching the Ukraine border on trains. In pictures and videos shared on Twitter, it can be seen that several tanks are being taken away by the train. The tweet claimed that the BMPT Terminator train of the Russian army is moving towards the Ukraine border. The Russian army has nine such vehicles in its arsenal and all these vehicles can be seen in the video. A large convoy of military vehicles along with 9 BMPT Terminator vehicles can be seen in the video embedded in the comments of the tweet.

The tanks seen in the video belong to the Russian army?The tweet accompanying the video reads, ‘Nine BMPT terminators moving west by train. These vehicles belong to the 90th Tank Division of the Central Military District of the Russian Army. These claims are difficult to substantiate as tensions between Russia and Ukraine are at their peak and social media is rife with speculation about the war. The meeting between the US and Russian presidents is expected as a last-ditch effort to avert a possible Russian attack on Ukraine.

Russia is determined to attack UkraineThe possibility comes amid ongoing shelling on Monday in a conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, the Western powers are afraid that this shelling can start a war on a large scale. However, this meeting between the two countries will be canceled if Russia invades Ukraine. In this regard, America is warning in advance that Russia is determined to attack Ukraine.

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Will diplomacy solve the tension?Despite the situation of attack, it is expected that diplomacy will be successful in averting this fierce conflict, because if there is war, there will be a lot of casualties and heavy damage will be done to the economy of Europe based largely on energy from Russia. . Russia has gathered around 150,000 to 190,000 troops on three sides of Ukraine’s borders, the largest deployment since the Cold War.

Putin looking for excuse to attackAt the same time, Western officials have warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is simply looking for reasons to attack Ukraine, because he (Ukraine) has refused to join Russia. Although Moscow denies plans to attack Ukraine, it wants Western countries to guarantee that NATO will not include Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries as members. Russia has called for a halt to the deployment of weapons by NATO in Ukraine and the withdrawal of forces stationed in Eastern Europe.

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