Scientists have found many ‘continents’ even before Icelandia, read 6 famous stories

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Recently the discovery of a giant underwater from Greenland to Europe has been claimed. Researchers who discovered it claim that this island may be bigger than Australia. So far, only seven continents are included in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and Australia, but from time to time claims have been made for the discovery of new land parts. Let’s take a look at such stories-

In the year 2017, the discovery of a new continent in the South Pacific was announced. Zealandia is half the size of Europe and much of it is under water. That’s why it couldn’t be found earlier. It is believed to have separated from Gondwana and then submerged in water 6-85 million years ago. Some people also advocate to consider it as the eighth continent of the world.

A small continent is also said to be under the Indian Ocean. It is said that it was separated due to tectonic plates 4-100 million years ago. In 2017, scientists in South Africa said that they had found part of Mauritius among ancient lava flows. They found that it was 3 billion years old while Mauritius is 8 billion years old.

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Greater Adria
In the year 2019, it was discovered beneath southern Europe, especially under Italy, Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Its size was found to be equal to Greenland. It is believed to have separated from North Africa 20 million years ago. Most of it is under water. In some places, its parts are visible outside the water in the form of an island. It is also believed that most of it has been absorbed into the layer of the Earth’s mantle, but researchers have found that its belt is visible between Italy and the Adriatic Sea.

This piece of land hidden in water, two kilometers below sea level, is visible to the south-west of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It is the equivalent of California. It is said that about 130 million years ago this volcanic hot-spot was formed. Parts of it make up the islands of Curguelen, Heard and McDonald.

Atlantis has always been a popular name. The Greek philosopher Plato claimed that Atlantis was inhabited by a half-god—half human. Many films and TV serials have been made on this. According to one theory, it was a mid-Atlantic island that suddenly fell into the ocean. At the same time, it has been said in other theories that it was part of Antarctica. Later the Earth’s crust shifted and it moved north.

In the year 1854, the zoologist Philip Slater claimed that this continent was submerged in the Indian Ocean. It helped explain lemur fossils in Madagascar and India but not in Africa and the Middle East. One of the scientists said that it was formed due to continental drift but it could not be proved.

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