Shahab al-Mujahir is guilty of making Kabul a slaughterhouse, vows to eliminate Taliban

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More than 90 people have been killed so far in the ISIS suicide attack on the Hamid Karzai airport in the Afghan capital Kabul. 13 American soldiers have also been killed in this horrific attack. After about 8 years, the super power America has suffered a major setback due to the killing of such a large number of American soldiers. Not only this, it exposes the claim made by the Taliban about the monopoly on Afghanistan. This is going to give a big blow to the US and the Taliban, Dr. Shahab al-Muhajir, the Emir of the Islamic State Khorasan Province. Let’s know everything about it…. Abdul Syed, who lives in the city of Lund, Sweden, has been keeping an eye on jihad in Afghanistan and Pakistan for a long time. Sayed tweeted that he has been warning about the Islamic State Khorasan province since last year. ISIS KP has been expanding its range since February 2020 and is becoming increasingly dangerous. During this time, he had to face the US counter-terrorism operation, Afghan army and Taliban in strong strongholds like Nangarhar province and Kunar province of Afghanistan.

ISIS intensifies recruitment to launch attacks against Taliban
Syed says he is now seeing a rapid rise in ISIS. This organization has declared a long-lasting war against the Taliban after the US-Taliban deal and has also started preparations. ISIS KP has intensified recruitment to intensify attacks against the Taliban in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces. ISKP’s emir Dr Shahab Al Muhajir was appointed in May 2020. The Swedish expert told that Muhajir had announced that he would launch a new terrorist campaign in the cities against the Taliban, the Afghan government and its owner America. ISKP’s announcement was not false and it proved it right very quickly. The terrorist organization carried out several horrific attacks, including attacks on the cities of Kabul and Jalalabad. He attacked Nangarhar Jail in August 2020.

Why ISIS KP was successful in attacking Kabul
Syed explains that ISIS was successful in carrying out such a horrific attack in KP Kabul because it is now bringing its new leadership and fighters from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. This happened because a large number of IS fighters were either arrested or killed or they surrendered. Now IS is connecting people with the political and military leadership of Kabul. After losing its territory in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, IS recruits highly educated, highly-hardline Salafi sectarians, ready to wage war in Kabul. He said that after the 9/11 attacks on America, some people had joined the Taliban to wage jihad against the attacking US forces. He also had sympathies with al-Qaeda. Now the ISKP’s Kabul network consists of insurgents who have left the Haqqani network, an ally of the Taliban. These men have been adept at fighting wars inside cities for many years and have carried out several deadly attacks inside Kabul. Because of these insurgents, a mix is ​​visible between the ISKP and the Haqqani network.

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Killing Taliban people is a bigger ‘religious responsibility’
Many also claim that the field commanders of the Haqqani network do not agree with the Doha peace agreement. That’s why these people are attacking America against the Taliban deal. However, there is no concrete evidence about this. The ISKP believes that killing people from the Taliban and the Haqqani network is a greater ‘religious responsibility’ than attacking the US and other traitors. The ISKP fought a fierce battle in Kunar under the leadership of Bilal Jardan, the top commander of the Haqqani network. He said that the history of terrorism and jihad in this region is very complex. In future it is going to be more complicated. I fear there may be more violence in the times to come.

[Attribution to NBT]

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