SIM will be stopped for those who do not get corona vaccine in Pakistan, salary of government employees will stop

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In view of the increasing cases of corona virus in Pakistan, the government of Sindh province has made a strange announcement on Thursday. The government has said that those who do not get the corona vaccine within a week, their mobile phone sim will be closed. For this, the provincial government has decided to approach the Imran Khan government and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

Request to center and telecom authority
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has requested the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) set up on the Corona virus in Pakistan to discuss the issue with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. He said that the state government would request the central government to forward its proposal to the PTA. If this happens that within a week the SIM of people who do not get the vaccine will be blocked.

salary of government employees will be stopped
Murad further said that the salaries of government employees who have not been vaccinated will also be stopped. In this regard, CM Murad Ali Shah asked the Finance Secretary of the state to contact the Attorney General of Sindh. In a meeting of the provincial task force, it was decided to limit the timing of shopping malls and markets from 6 am to 6 pm from Monday. Grocery stores, bakeries and pharmacies are not included in this decision.

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Ban on weddings, religious ceremonies and eating in restaurants
Provincial authorities have announced a ban on wedding ceremonies and other ceremonies, as well as closed-door gatherings in religious places. Apart from this, indoor and outdoor eating and drinking will also be prohibited in the restaurant. However, people will be able to pack food from restaurants and take it with them. Sindh has also decided to close all educational institutions from July 26. However, the exams will be conducted as per the schedule.

The situation of corona infection in Sindh is very serious
It was also decided in the meeting that Friday and Sunday would be observed as ‘Safe Days’. Terming the situation of Covid-19 cases in the state as very worrying, Murad said that after Eid the situation may worsen further. The condition of 1,002 corona patients in the state is said to be critical. The CM was informed that the condition of 457 patients has been reviewed. Of them, 35 percent got infected from Eid, 23 percent from wedding ceremonies, 17 percent from markets, 12 percent from intercity travel and three percent from their workplace.

[Attribution to NBT]

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