Sonia Gandhi congratulates US President-elect Joe Biden, admires Kamala Harris’ unwavering braveness

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Congratulating the US President-elect Joe Biden for his victory, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday expressed hope that below the latest regime, India-US’ “close partnership” will probably be “beneficial to peace and development in our region and around the world”.

In a separate letter, Gandhi hailed vice president-elect, Kamala Harris’s victory as triumph of “humanity, compassion and inclusiveness”, admired her “unwavering courage” and talked about how Harris imbibed beliefs and values from her “remarkable mother”.

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She burdened on Harris’s unwavering aid for human rights and democratic values, and heralded her win as a “triumph for Black Americans and Indian Americans”. “I admire the unwavering courage with which you have fought for your convictions — the beliefs and values you imbibed from your remarkable mother!” she wrote.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump to develop into the 46th President of the US. Kamala Harris, his operating mate, is the first-ever Indian-American and Black lady vp of the US.

Gandhi’s letter to the newly-elected leaders underline India’s bipartisan friendship with the US regardless of the political color of the ruling dispensation. On Saturday, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi congratulated Biden in a tweet.

“Like millions around the world, the Indian people have followed with great interest the course of the election during the last 12 months,” Gandhi wrote to Biden, “We were greatly reassured by your measured speeches, stress on healing divisions among the people and promotion of gender and racial equality…”

“The Indian people share these concerns and we are confident that India and the US will continue to work together, as in the past decades, for the welfare of the people of both countries,” Gandhi wrote to Biden.

In a separate letter to Harris, Gandhi ended the word with hopes of welcoming Harris to India shortly “not just as an admired leader of a great democracy but also as a beloved daughter”. She famous that Harris’ win can also be a victory for all of the noble values enshrined within the American structure — democracy, social justice, and racial and gender equality.

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