Started my firm as a result of I had no work

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Ronit Roy is a identified name right this moment within the TV world. He has additionally acted in some fantastic movies like Udaan. But there was a time wherein he had no work. Yes, in an interview to Pinkvilla, the actor spoke about his struggling days and the way being Aamir Khan’s bodyguard helped him.

He stated, “I had the good fortune of being with Aamir Khan for two years. I was his bodyguard. I started my company because I had no work, so I had to do something. I was fortunate to spend time with Aamir and learnt what is diligence and drive for work. In many ways, Aamir started the ball rolling for me. He opened those windows for me and then I stopped caring about big cars and apartments. I then wanted to learn my craft. Very fortunately that was the time when Ekta Kapoor came to my life with two of the biggest shows and since then it has been a learning process and it hasn’t stopped as yet.”

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He added, “I wanted to be a star. I thought I wanted to be an actor but in hindsight, some 15 years back, I realised that I came to Mumbai to become a star. I wanted those big cars and wanted girls to scream my name, all that was what I wanted. Then, when I flopped, everything happens for the better. When I flopped and I didn’t have work for 5-6 years, I realised this is all stardom and has nothing to do with being an actor.”

He narrated an incident from the previous when he was criticised. He stated, “My manager was once told that why should we cast Ronit Roy? Junior artists are better than him. I had not understood then. Today, I understand what he meant and it was very hurtful but that man did me a favour. Two years back, that same man offered me a film and I did not do it because it was a bad film. He woke me from a slumber and made me work harder on myself.”


[Attribution Bollywood Life]

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