Success Story: At the age of 6, luck was shining from the barber shop, Nick Jonas became a superstar like this

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Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas recently celebrated his 29th birthday. At such a young age, Nick Jonas has achieved that position, which can be seen by anyone. Nick Jonas had to work hard to reach where he is today. Never thought that the kid who was seen singing at a hair salon years ago would ever shine like this at the international level. Nick Jonas was born in Dallas, Texas. His father is a songwriter and musician, while his mother is also a singer. Since there was an atmosphere of music in the house, Nick Jonas’ interest in it also increased. But there is a funny story behind how Nick Jonas’ singing career started.

Discovery in Hair Salon at the age of 6
This thing happened when Nick was only 6 years old. One day when her mother went to the hair salon to get her haircut, she also took little Nick Jonas along. There mother started taking a haircut, then Nick Jonas started singing sitting like this. Everyone was surprised to hear the voice of that small child of 6 years. Everyone said that Nick has the ability to be a singer.

Entering Broadway at the age of 7
After this Nick Jonas was sent by his parents to a professional show business manager. Nick Jonas started performing on Broadway at the age of 7. Nick Jonas then played characters like Tiny Tim, Little Jake and Tip Potts. He also got a lot of praise for them. Nick Jonas co-wrote a song with Papa at that young age while singing for Broadway. The song was later released as his debut single.

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hit songs with brothers
While Nick was fond of singing and writing songs, both his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas used to play music since childhood. This characteristic of the three brothers brought them together and then the band was formed under the name of ‘The Jonas Brothers’. Nick Jonas then co-wrote several songs with both the brothers which proved to be blockbusters. Until 2009, Nick Jonas gave hit songs with the brothers, but in 2010 he decided to start a solo career.

That decision in 2010 changed the whole career
Nick Jonas set out on a new path in the year 2010 with the passion to do something on his own. He formed a band called ‘Nick Jonas & The Administration’ and went on tour. Through this tour, Nick Jonas proved that there is something without the support of the brothers. They also have their own distinct identity.

Band broken but not encouraged
In 2013, the band ‘The Jonas Brothers’ formed by Nick Jonas and his two brothers broke up. A variety of rumors surfaced when the band broke up. It was even said that the band broke up due to differences between the three brothers. But Nick Jonas ignored those rumors and started working on the next studio album.

‘The Jonas Brothers’ shines in 2019
But in 2019, Nick Jonas once again reunited with his brothers and then ‘The Jonas Brothers’ released a new single named ‘Sucker’. Shortly thereafter the band released their fifth studio album which was a hit.

Nick Jonas, who has shown a lot in films
After being engrossed in the world of music, Nick Jonas also showed his passion in the acting world. He acted in several films including ‘Camp Rock’, ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’, ‘Midway’ and ‘UglyDolls’ among many more.

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