Successfully transplanted pig kidney into humans, the world surprised by the exploits of American surgeons

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In America, for the first time in the world, a pig kidney has been transplanted into a human body. This feat was done by surgeons at NYU Langone Health Medical Center in New York City. The great thing is that pig kidney is also working successfully in human body. With this successful transplant, the shortage of human organs can be overcome in the coming days. To overcome the lack of organs, research was being done on pigs for a long time.

The problem of sugar present in the pig’s cell also ended
A sugar present in pig cells is not accepted by the human body. For this reason, all the earlier attempts had failed, so this time the doctors used pigs with special modified genes. In this, some genetic changes were made to eliminate that sugar present in the pig’s cell and to avoid the attack of the immune system.

Test done on bread dead patient
Surgeons revealed that the patient in which this kidney was transplanted was a brain-dead patient. His kidney had almost failed. To remove the life support system from the patient, proper approval was taken from his family. The team connected the pig’s kidney to a large artery outside of the patient’s body, under observation for two to three days, to provide it with blood and oxygen.

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Pig kidney acted like human kidney
Surprisingly, the kidney filtered the waste without rejection and produced urine. The head surgeon of this transplant, Dr. Robert Montgomery, said that all the test results related to the functioning of the transplanted kidney looked very normal. This kidney made the same amount of urine in the patient’s body as we can expect from a human kidney. In such a situation, we have not got any signs of rejecting it from the body.

The level of creatinine in the patient’s body is also normal.
Montgomery also said that the creatinine level in the patient’s body was abnormal before. Usually, when a patient’s kidney does not work properly, then his creatinine level becomes high or low. Surprisingly, after the transplantation of this kidney, the level of creatinine in that patient’s body returned to normal. This genetically modified pig was developed by the Revivicor unit of United Therapeutics Corp (UTHR.O).

[Attribution to NBT]

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