Taliban attacked ITBP personnel returning to India, the families of the soldiers told the whole story

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No matter how much Taliban tries to show its liberal face, but its nature is not going to change. He understands only the language of beatings, snatching and looting. The Taliban also attacked Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel who were a part of the Indian Army in Afghanistan and were leaving the country. These soldiers who returned from the war-torn country have shared their horrific experience with their family members. Shaila K., aunt of Ravi Nilagar, a jawan associated with the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), who returned to India safely from Afghanistan five days ago. Nilagar shared some of the information he got from Ravi related to the Taliban attack on Indian soldiers. “Ravi told us that when 200 of them were being evacuated from Afghanistan, Taliban militants attacked his party,” he said. When the soldiers were on the plane, the Taliban also tried to stop them. They also took away his belongings. Ravi was very sad that he lost all his belongings, but the family consoled him by saying that his safe return is everything. Shaila told, Ravi is quarantine. Will return home after 20 days for holidays. Ravi was doing duty in Afghanistan for 2 years. Meanwhile, the family of Tanveen, a resident of Sandur, Bellary, living in Afghanistan with her Afghan husband Syed Jalal, has been successfully rescued. They have returned safely from Afghanistan. Tanveen’s father Abdul Sattar said that the Indian Embassy has confirmed her return. Tanveen met Syed Jalal during her engineering studies and they got married in 2018. Teresa Cresta, a nun from Mangaluru, has sent a voice message to her colleagues that she is returning safely from Afghanistan. Teresa had gone to Afghanistan through an Italian NGO and was in charge of an institute for mentally challenged children. He has told colleagues at the Sister of Charity Institute that an Italian NGO has arranged for his departure from Afghanistan. For the time being, his visit to India has been postponed. The reason is that there is an atmosphere of chaos at Kabul airport. Access is restricted. Crusta has also said in the audio that he has already registered with the Indian Embassy. They are making arrangements for their safe return.

[Attribution to NBT]

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