Telangana agriculturist floats marriage bureau meant just for farmers

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At a time when a lot of the dad and mom are looking for grooms with excessive {qualifications}, profitable jobs and fats bank balances for his or her daughters, a 40-year previous farmer from Telangana’s Karimnagar district has give you an initiative to search out brides for youth who take to agriculture as a occupation.

Kethireddy Anji Reddy, an agriculturist from Timmapur village on the outskirts of Karimnagar city, began a wedding bureau last week solely to search out alliances for farmers. Called ‘Rythu Marriage Bureau’, it’s meant just for farmers, no matter their caste, creed and faith.

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“There have been marriage bureaus for all castes, religions and communities in every part of the country. But I have noticed that most of the profiles of grooms registered with these bureaus are that of employees, businessmen, engineers, doctors and various other professions, but not farmers,” Reddy mentioned.

Even if there are a number of agriculturists registered with the wedding bureaus , they’re large landlords concerned in different ventures. “One can hardly find any groom on their lists who depends completely on agriculture for his livelihood. Even if any educated farmer registers his name with the marriage bureau, he won’t get much response. That is precisely why I chose to start a marriage bureau exclusively for farmers,” he mentioned.

According to Reddy, until just lately, agriculture was a decent occupation within the villages and it was straightforward to search out alliances inside the villages. “But the present generation of women from agriculturists’ families is also well-educated and ambitious. They are looking for educated and well-settled grooms. As a result, youth who take up farming as a profession are finding it difficult to get marriage alliances,” he argues.

Moreover, agriculture has develop into an unpredictable occupation of late and is topic to vagaries of climate, pesticide assaults and lack of remunerative costs. “It is not a lucrative job. Because of this uncertainty, even farmers prefer to get their daughters married off to employed grooms, if not software engineers or doctors,” he mentioned.

Reddy mentioned his initiative is supposed to search out good alliances for grooms who’re solely depending on agriculture. “The response in the last one week has been overwhelming. I am getting hundreds of calls every day from prospective grooms for registration. Interestingly, there are also a few inquiries from families of brides too,” he mentioned.

He declared that not like further marriage bureaus , no fee can be collected from brides or grooms at his Rythu Marriage Bureau for arranging the wedding. “We collect a nominal registration fee of Rs 500 from those who can afford it only to run this office. If they are poor farmers, they don’t have to pay even that amount,” he mentioned.

Reddy mentioned his goal was to make sure that younger farmers additionally lead a contented married life and shouldn’t be stigmatized for taking over farming as a occupation.

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