Terrorists are activating the old route for infiltration from LoC, what is the plan after all?

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New Delhi
On Thursday, three Pakistani terrorists who were infiltrating from the Rustom Battalion area in Jammu and Kashmir were killed by the Indian Army. After about a decade and a half, terrorists have done this area. Pakistani terrorists are now trying to activate the old route of infiltration. Fencing (tarbari) was done on LAC in the year 2005. Along with this, the Indian Army strengthened the anti-infiltration grid. Since then, terrorist infiltration attempts from the Rustom Battalion area of ​​Rampur sector were negligible. The Indian Army’s post in this area is on advantage, the post is at a height and every movement of the terrorists can be monitored from here. Why did the terrorists try to infiltrate from this area after almost a decade and a half now? According to an official, Pakistan has a misconception that the Indian Army is not very prepared in areas from where infiltration attempts are negligible. However, the successful operation against the terrorists in the Rustom Battalion area would have cleared Pakistan’s misunderstanding. According to intelligence agency sources, since the beginning of this year, people of Pakistan Army were meeting with local people and guides of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) to activate the old infiltration route. Work was being done to find new routes of infiltration and how to send terrorists to Kashmir by escaping from the eyes of the Indian Army. If we look at the figures, in the year 2018, terrorists tried to infiltrate 66 times, in which 328 terrorists were trying to infiltrate. Of these, 32 were killed by the Indian Army. Around 150 terrorists ran back and around 140 were successful in infiltrating. In the year 2019, the army recorded about 40 infiltration attempts. In this, 219 terrorists were trying to enter. 4 terrorists were killed by the Indian Army, about 75 fled and about 141 terrorists managed to infiltrate. Last year, due to Corona, the infiltration attempts were reduced, but even then 9 infiltration attempts were recorded. 19 terrorists were killed, about 30 terrorists ran back and about 50 terrorists were successful in crossing the LoC. This year the terrorists have tried to infiltrate half a dozen times so far, four terrorists have been killed and about three have fled.

[Attribution to NBT]

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