‘Terrorists’ attack UN headquarters in Afghanistan, guard killed, Herat on high alert

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At least one person has been reported killed in a terrorist attack on the United Nations headquarters in Afghanistan. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said anti-government elements attacked the main UN complex in the capital of the western province of Herat on Friday. The mission did not confirm the involvement of Taliban fighters in the incident. The UN said that in this attack, opposing elements fired rocket-equipped grenades and opened fire. India also has a consulate in Herat.

The attack took place after the Taliban entered Herat
The attack came hours after Taliban fighters entered Herat province. It is being told that there were also heavy clashes between the terrorists and the Afghan army near the UN headquarters. In a statement after the attack, the United Nations said it was in touch with relevant parties to clear the picture about the incident. So far, the Taliban have not admitted their involvement in the attack.

All embassies put on high alert
After the attack, it was not clear who was involved in this. Qin Western security official said that after the incident all the diplomatic complexes of the city have been put on high alert. UNAMA said the attack was carried out at the entrances to the compound. In such a situation, it is clearly believed that the attackers were trying to enter the campus.

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UN condemned the attack
Deborah Lyon, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, said: “This attack against the United Nations is condemnable and we strongly condemn it.” UNAMA said that no UN personnel were injured in the incident. So far the attackers have not been able to enter the UN campus.

Taliban said – this cross firing, did not attack
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter that it was possible the cross-firing was caused by fighting near the UN headquarters. Being close to the site of the clash, there may be an incident of firing of the guard. He said Taliban fighters rushed to the spot after getting information about the incident and the compound was no longer in any danger.

Iran also increased vigil
The Taliban captured Herat province, bordering Iran, even before entering the capital on Friday. A high-ranking foreign security official said Iranian border guards were on high alert following the Taliban’s capture of Herat. They fear that the terror of the Taliban could lead to a massive influx of refugees into their country. The official said that foreign employees in all embassy offices in the city have been advised to follow strict lockdown.

[Attribution to NBT]

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