That ‘secret’ military base of India on the Afghan border, which became a boon at such a time

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The Indian Air Force is engaged in rescuing the Indians trapped after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan and in this mission such a place has come to the world, which was never discussed so much before. Due to the huge crowd at Kabul airport, the C-17 aircraft to pick up the Indians had to change its course and landed at the Gissar Military Aerodrome in Tajikistan, which is India’s only military base abroad.

‘Secret’ relationship of many years
The Gissar Military Aerodrome or Ayni Airbase is located in a village near the country’s capital, Dushanbe. According to a report by Financial Express, India had spent $ 70 million in its development. It has a modern runway of 3200 meters, air traffic control, navigation equipment and a strong air defense system. However, the governments of both the countries have not discussed much about it publicly. With this, silence has been maintained even about India’s joining. It has come to light when the Indian Air Force used it during the Afghanistan crisis.

India has invested millions of dollars
According to the report of The Print, in 2001-2002 the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and security agencies proposed the development of this military base in Ayni and it was supported by former Defense Minister George Fernandes. The Indian Air Force asked Air Commodore Naseem Akhtar to work at the airbase. The Government of India also took the help of the Border Roads Organization (BRO) team for this. The Indian team also worked on no hangar, overhauling and refueling capability. According to the report, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa was appointed as the First Base Commander of this base in the year 2005. For the first time, international deployment of fighter planes was done under the Narendra Modi government.

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defeat pakistan
Tajikistan is just 20 km away from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. A report in the Eurasian Times said that Pakistan’s eyes are fixed on India’s military deployment in Tajikistan. Be it Afghanistan or Iran, Pakistan considers India’s presence a threat to itself. For India too, this base becomes even more important. The report said that India may have an edge over Pakistani troops in the Siachen Glacier. The report quoted sources as saying, “IAF fighters may target Peshawar from Tajikistan, putting Pakistan’s resources at risk. In the event of war, Pakistan will have to move from east to west, which will weaken its security apparatus with India.

[Attribution to NBT]

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