The famous ice cream made of gold in Dubai, the price is so much that the whole shop will come

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How hi-fi the lifestyle of Dubai is, it is probably well-known, after all, the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is also present here, but such a specialty here is now becoming famous which can be hard to believe. Here an ice cream cup is available for 60 thousand rupees. Obviously this ice cream is very special because it has gold in it. Its name is Black Diamond. The world’s most expensive ice cream is served in Versace cups. According to the Indian Express report, the ice cream was launched in Dubai in 2015 at Scoopy Cafe. It has 23 carat gold on top and Madagascar vanilla ice cream inside. Along with this, saffron and black truffle of Iran have also been mixed. Its latest video has been shared by actor and travel vlogger Shenaz Treasury. He has described its taste as ‘interesting’. Surprising comments of people are also coming on Treasury’s post. Someone has written that for 60 thousand rupees a whole shop can be bought in India, then someone has written that planning a trip to Dubai is easier than eating this ice cream. One user has also written that there is no nutritional value of gold, so there is no use of using it but there is no harm either. In India also, gold and silver work is done on sweets, but ice cream worth 60 thousand rupees with 23 carat gold is a wonder in itself.

[Attribution to NBT]

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