The limit of stupidity! Neeraj Chopra was asked in the interview- How do you balance sex life with training?

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New Delhi
Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, is probably fed up with the media. Since his return to India, he is constantly being bombarded with questions. And the question is not related to any sport, the media is more interested in Neeraj’s personal life. Recently, the clip of Neeraj’s interview from a radio channel went viral. Neeraj was looking very uncomfortable in that video. Now he has another interview in which he was asked such a question that Neeraj shrugged.

‘I know it’s a stupid question, still…’Neeraj was asked how he balances his sex life and training. The question was from a well known designer Rajeev Sethi. Describing Neeraj as ‘beautiful’, Sethi asked, ‘If crores of people of the country want to ask, then I also ask… How do you balance your athletic training with your sex life? I know it’s a stupid question but there is a very serious question behind it!” Neeraj became very uncomfortable and started saying ‘Sorry sir, sorry sir…’.

Neeraj just said, your question filled my mind!Neeraj said that ‘Sorry spoken… only you can know from this.’ Still, Sethi did not agree and then asked the same question. On this the interview moderator said that Neeraj does not want to answer this question. Sethi said that I knew. Then Neeraj is seen saying, ‘Please sir! Your question fills my mind.

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People reprimanding Rajiv Sethi on TwitterOn social media, Sethi is being pulled up for asking an uncomfortable question to Neeraj. One wrote that ‘Rajeev Sethi wanted to be like Karan Johar by asking about sex life but Neeraj Chopra disappointed him by not answering like (Hardik) Pandya.’ Many users lashed out at Sethi as well as the media house who asked Sethi such a question on their platform. Some said that if this had happened to a girl, it would be called sexual abuse!

RJ had demanded ‘magic hug’Neeraj’s interview given to a radio channel last month was also in the news. In the virtual interview, some girls including RJ were seen dancing in front of Neeraj. He looked very uncomfortable. In another video, RJ talks about giving a magic hug to Neeraj during the interview. She says I would like to give a magic hug, will it work? On this Neeraj blushes and says ‘Thank you, Namaste from such a distance.’

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