The parents who were drinking had opened the window, the death of the innocent who fell down from the 14th floor was not even known

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In Russia, the negligence of a couple while drinking alcohol was overshadowed. The couple was so intoxicated that they could not take care of their 21-month-old baby. He had left the window adjacent to the child’s bed open. During this, this child fell down from the 14th floor while playing on the bed. The great thing is that the parents came to know about the fall of the child when the police handed over the dead body to them by ringing the doorbell.

Police arrested for negligence
According to the Daily Mail report, Alexander and Taisiya Akimov of Russia’s capital Moscow have been arrested on charges of negligent death of son Timofey. If convicted, the couple could face at least two years in prison. Russian law enforcement agencies believe the child fell from a 14th-floor tower block window.

Passersby handed over the body of the child to the police
According to Russian media reports, the body of the innocent Timofey was found by passersby under the residential tower block on Marshal Zakharov Street. After which he called the police after giving information. Yulia Ivanova, spokeswoman for the Russian Investigation Committee, said it had been established that the child’s mother was in the apartment at the time of the accident. The parents did not move the child’s bed away from the window while drinking alcohol.

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Parents were drinking at the time of incident
The age of the parents of this child is said to be 21 and 23 years. Investigators said there was evidence that they were both drinking when their son fell from an open window. The Russian Investigation Committee, which investigates serious cases, has issued an advisory after this tragic case, warning parents living in high-rise flats about the risks related to children.

145 children died in Russia last year
Russia’s appointed Ombudsman for Children Anna Kuznetsova revealed that a total of 1,339 cases of children falling from high flats were reported last year. He said that a total of 145 children died in these accidents, while the rest suffered serious and minor injuries. He also said that ‘the problem of children falling from the windows is now becoming our pain.

[Attribution to NBT]

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