The phone will be charged with rocket speed! Battery full charge in 8 minutes, this Xiaomi phone will come with 200W fast charging speed

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200W Fast Charging: Xiaomi introduced 120W wireless charging and 200W wired charging technology a few months back and it was named HyperCharge Fast Charging. Xiaomi will use this special technology in its future flagship Smartphones. Now recently a report has come out in which it has been said that the mass production is going to start from June 2022. Not only this, it is also being said that this new fast charging technology will be seen in Xiaomi’s flagship phone to be launched next year. MyDrivers report states that Xiaomi will be the first smartphone to be launched in 2022 next year in which the company can get 200W fast wired charging support. However, not 120W fast wireless charging but only 50W wireless charging support can be found in this.

It has two flagship series, the primary Mi Smartphones which focus on display capability, camera configuration and top-notch performance. The second Mi Mix Series which is equipped with experimental technology with innovative solutions for display, charging. In the recently launched Mi MIX 4, the company has used 120W wired fast charging technology, the thing to note is that it is the fastest charging technology ever.

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Xiaomi HyperCharge TechnologyRegarding this technology of Xiaomi, it is being said that 200W wired charging technology can charge 4000mAh capacity battery up to 50 percent in three minutes. At the same time, it is claimed about the full charge of the phone’s battery that the battery will be charged in just 8 minutes.

On the other hand, 120W wireless fast charging technology has been claimed that this technology will charge 4000mAh capacity battery to 10 percent in 1 minute, while 50 percent will be fully charged in 7 minutes and 100 percent in 15 minutes.

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