The shelling has stopped, but the villagers near the LoC are now worried about water.

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New Delhi
The area in Jammu and Kashmir was troubled by the shelling from Pakistan till some time back. People were living under the shadow of fear that they do not know when the bullets will rain and destroy their world. It has been more than 100 days since the ceasefire is being fully followed by Pakistan. The geographical location of Tangdhar is in such a way that Pakistan can fire shells from three sides. The people of Tangdhar are in peace due to the absence of shelling, but the people of 6 villages of Tangdhar, which are located nearby, are now worried about the water. These six villages of Tangdhar are situated close to the LoC. The LoC is only about half a kilometer away from here. The ceasefire between India and Pakistan is being fully followed since the night of 24 February. Although there was a ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan in 2003, but Pakistan started violating it after some time. In February, the armies on both sides issued a statement saying that the ceasefire would be followed seriously. Sudpura village of Tangdhar is very close to LOC. While talking to NBT, village Sarpanch Khalilul Rehman said that the villagers are a little relaxed due to no ceasefire violations. But right now water has become a big headache for us. He said that six villages including Sudpura village are dependent on water coming from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) for agriculture. Water is required for cultivation from April to October. Which reaches these 6 villages through the canal of PoK. Khalilul Rehman said that but this time till now we have not got water from PoK side because our flag meeting has not been held. He said that we 5-6 civilians go to the LoC with the permission of the Indian Army with a white flag in their hands. Seeing the white flag, the people of Pakistan Army ask us the reason. Then there is the matter of water. Then these six villages from PoK get water for agriculture through canal. The sarpanch said that this time the flag meeting has not been held. We have been waiting for the permission of the Indian Army for several days. He said that how will our paddy crop be if there is no water. This is the biggest cause of concern for the villagers right now. He said that when there was a ceasefire, Pakistan used to deliberately stop water to disturb. There is no shelling now but we are worried for water.

[Attribution to NBT]

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