The third wave of Corona in Britain is uncontrollable, know why it is a matter of tension for India too

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Britain is currently in the grip of the third wave of the Corona epidemic. On Friday, the 6-month-old record has been broken with 51,870 new cases. For the first time since January, there have been more than 50 thousand cases in Britain, that too when about 68 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated or has taken at least one dose of the vaccine. On Saturday, Health Minister Sajid Javed also got corona infected. Seeing the speed with which the situation is deteriorating, the former health minister has warned that the government will be forced to impose a lockdown again. At the same time, more than 1200 experts have warned the government that removing the restrictions related to the lockdown completely would be ‘dangerous and immoral’.

Tension increased before the complete removal of restrictions from July 19
Britain is preparing to lift all restrictions from 19 July. The government’s concern has increased due to the rapid jump in the cases of corona just before that. Meanwhile, former UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has warned that the government may be forced to impose a lockdown again. Hunt, chairman of the Commons Health and Social Care Committee, spoke on a BBC Radio 4 program about the horrors of the third wave. He said that the number of people hospitalized from Corona is doubling every two weeks. The situation is very dangerous.

‘It would be a sin to remove all restrictions’
The delta variant of the virus is mainly behind the third wave of corona in Britain. As the third wave continues to take a formidable form, experts around the world have been warning the British government not to lift the restrictions completely. More than 1,200 experts from around the world have backed an article published last month in the Lancet, which described Britain’s decision to lift all restrictions as “dangerous and immoral”. However, the British government has shown no signs of backing down from the decision to lift the lockdown completely.

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More than 50 thousand new cases in a day after 182 days
The rapid increase in the third wave of corona in Britain has increased the fear that soon more new cases will start coming than the peak of the second wave. The second wave peaked in January. On January 8, the maximum number of 67,803 new cases were reported. On Friday, 51,870 new cases of corona were reported in Britain. Earlier on January 15, there were more than 50 thousand new cases when 55,553 people were infected in a day.

Preparations were made to celebrate liberation from Corona, but the situation deteriorated rapidly
The British government had announced to celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ on 19th July i.e. the celebration of liberation from Corona. The reason for his overconfidence was the rapid vaccination. But now the situation has worsened. 52 percent of the UK population has been fully vaccinated, that is, they have been given both doses of the vaccine. Apart from this, one dose has been given to 16 percent of the population.

Alarm bells for India too!
About 68 percent of the UK population is either fully or partially vaccinated. Despite this, the record number of new cases means that the delta variant is dodging the immunity generated by the vaccine. This is a matter of concern for Britain as well as India. AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine is being installed in the UK. In India too, the same vaccine is being used the most, which is being made by the Pune-based Serum Institute of India in the name of Covishield.

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