There are only thorns in the path of JioPhone Next! Big claim in new report, new 4G Jio phone will not become a game-changer in the short-term

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New Delhi
announced its new budget 4G smartphone in the annual annual meeting. JioPhone Next is an affordable 4G smartphone and will be made available for sale from September 10. Looking at the price and features of the handset, it is expected that it will be a very successful phone. But Canalys has made a different claim. A company report states that the new budget phone is not going to prove to be a game-changer in a short time. Canalys believes that Jio will face “great difficulties” due to chip supply shortfalls and rising prices of key components across the globe. Obviously, due to the Corona epidemic, since last year, all phone makers are facing problems related to supply chain, component shorts and manufacturing. How much impact is this going to have on Jio and the upcoming new device. According to Canalys, during the first few years, Jio will have to sell the phone at a low price and secure its place in the $ 50 (about Rs 3,727) category. If the component issue continues, it will be a major hurdle for Jio and its local manufacturing partners. Smartphone companies making low-cost phones are currently established in the market and they also have local manufacturing factories. In such circumstances, where these companies can maintain better inventory, Jio will have to struggle. Canalys says that the budget phones are launched for large population markets like India. So these phones need good built quality so that they can last for at least four years without any after-sales support. This means that Jio’s upcoming phone should have features like high-quality, durable and low cost. These are all the qualities with which Jio can make its entry into the budget phone space. Apart from this, Canalys also mentioned another challenge in its report, that is, low consumer income in the market with a large population. This could result in not many devices being shipped for the new budget smartphone in the first year of launch. However, sales of this device are expected to improve for Jio in the second half of the year.

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