There is no need to repeal the sedition law, read what former Chief Justice Gogoi is saying

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New Delhi
Former Chief Justice of the country and Rajya Sabha MP Ranjan Gogoi says that there is no need to repeal the sedition law. In an interview to Times Now, Gogoi said that the Supreme Court in its judgments three times before has very clearly stated what will be the parameters of the sedition law under 124-A. There is no need to cancel it. Along with that he also said that this is his personal opinion. The former CJI said that there is a growing tendency in the country to challenge the laws. He said that if any speech instigates people to overthrow the government, it is sedition. He said that the courts decide the legality of a law and the government its necessity. The court can only decide the legality of a law, not its necessity. He said that if any law is being misused then there are ways to stop it. Actually, the Supreme Court has questioned the appropriateness of the sedition law that has been going on since the British era. During the hearing of a petition filed against the sedition law, CJI N V Raman asked the Center that the law which was used by the British to suppress the freedom movement, to silence people like Mahatma Gandhi, today 75 years of independence Why is it needed after that? The Supreme Court made these observations while allowing for hearing the petitions filed by former Major General SG Wombatkere and the Editors Guild of India. The court wondered why the government, which abolished many old laws, has not yet abolished the sedition law.

[Attribution to NBT]

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