There is no one like these two cool plans of JioPhone, avoid the hassle of frequent recharge, see details

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New Delhi.Jiophone 1499 And 1999 Rupees Plan Benefits Validity: If there are some good things in the market, then our attention goes to it again and again, similarly if you have the options of the best recharge plan, then you recharge it again and again. Reliance Jio, which is spreading fire in the Indian telecom sector, has also offered some similar best plans for users, which are connected to Jiophone and it seems appropriate to tell you about them again and again, because in these plans of Jiophone, users are often You can avoid the hassle of recharging repeatedly. So, today let us introduce you to all the information related to the benefits and validity of 4G feature phone plans of Rs 1499 and Rs 1999 Jiophone.

ValidityReliance had announced the Jiophone plan to provide good features at a low price to the people, so that people can use the phone for a long time at a low price. Let me tell you that you have the option to choose two great plans of JioPhone, which are Rs 1499 and Rs 1999. If you take a plan of Rs 1499, then you get unlimited voice calling and 24 GB data as well as Jio app facility for one year. The special advantage with all this is that you get 4G feature for JioPhone free. In such a situation, you also get rid of the hassle of any kind of recharge for a year and with the free phone, you can talk anywhere in India as well as take advantage of the internet.

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ValidityIf you choose Jio’s Rs 1999 plan, then you will not only get JioPhone for free, along with two years of unlimited calling and 48 GB data as well as subscription to Jio app. Those taking this plan of Jio can overcome the problems of repeated recharge for up to 2 years. This plan is better for users, because its validity is 2 years. If you also want to take advantage of free calling and data along with buying a feature phone at a low price, then this plan is right for you.

Let me tell you that Jio has offered another plan of Rs 749 for you, in which users get unlimited calling as well as 24 GB data for one year. If you already have a phone and you are looking for a good recharge plan, then this plan can prove to be right for you.

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