These ‘living robots’ are a wonderful miracle of science, scientists claim – capable of ‘reproduction’

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Robots are a living example of the progress of science. Science claims that today robots can do most of the work that humans do, whether it is food delivery or home service. Going a step further, it is being claimed that scientists have created the world’s first robot that can also ‘reproduce’. These millimeter-sized living machines are being called Xenobots 3.0. Xenobots are neither traditional robots nor animal species, but living programmable organisms. Frog cells and computer-designed organisms have been created by an American team. They collect single cells inside their mouths like ‘pac-man’ and expel ‘babies’ that look and move like their parents. Self-replicating living bio-robots could prove to be helpful in medicine and treatment for things like traumatic injury, birth defects, cancer, aging.

Xenobots have done wonders beforeXenobots are the work of biologists and computer scientists at Tufts University and the University of Vermont. Xenobots 3.0 follows its original version Xenobots which was reported as the ‘first living robot’ in 2020. Xenobots 2.0, on the other hand, could propel itself using its legs called cilia, and it also had the ability to remember.

Able to have ‘babies’ like myselfThe author of this research, computer scientist and robotics specialist at the University of Vermont, Joshua Bongard, said that we saw that xenobots can walk, we saw that xenobots can swim and now we will see xenobots that can gradually increase their numbers. He explained that we have found that there is a previously unknown place within organisms or living systems. The team claims that xenobots will help develop computer-designed organisms.

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