‘They don’t know what martyrdom is…’, when Priyanka Gandhi fired arrows of words at BJP

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Kanpur: General Secretary Vadra said on Wednesday that his family members made sacrifices for the country, but the BJP bad-mouths them daily. Pointing to the BJP at an election rally in Kanpur’s Govind Nagar, Priyanka said, “My family members sacrificed their lives for this country. We never mentioned it, but today we have to say it. They gave their lives while serving the country but they are called bad everyday because they (BJP) don’t know what martyrdom is. Taking a jibe at the BJP, Priyanka said, “They don’t know anything, they just make hollow claims. They don’t understand the feeling that when a heart really beats for the country. For them everything starts with elections and in elections. Only during elections, he roams in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Goa, but when elections are not held, he roams in all other countries including America, Canada, Pakistan.

PM has two airplanes worth Rs 16,000 crore
Referring to the BJP’s taunt that no development work has been done in the country during the last 70 years, Priyanka alleged, “The Prime Minister has two airplanes worth Rs 16,000 crore. He has done all the public sector projects for some of his business associates.” The units were sold and the plan is ready to sell the remaining such units, ports, airports and roads but still he asks what did the Congress do. What Congress has made, they are selling it today.”

[Attribution to NBT]

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