This Chinese smartphone company will shake Apple’s empire, giving this feature like iOS in cheap phones

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Chinese companies are making new innovations every day to compete with the giant tech company Apple. According to a recent report, a new feature of Xiaomi may affect Apple’s market. At the Mi MIX 4 launch event, Xiaomi also introduced MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition. During the conference, the company said that the new version of MIUI does not bring any features and it only focuses on optimization. But it turns out that the company has quietly introduced a new iOS-like widget system. Actually, Xiaomi is testing a new iOS-inspired widget system in China. According to Xiaomiui, the new feature will be enabled through the latest beta versions of App Vault (V5.0.56) and MIUI Gallery (V2.2.21). Currently, these versions of the application can only be installed on devices with MIUI beta builds based on Android 11.

At present, such users will be able to useThis means that although the feature appears to be part of MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition, it can also be experienced by users with devices running the regular MIUI 12.5 beta software. However, they will have to sign up for the testing program for which the registration will end on August 27.

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Users will get this facilityAs per the official announcement, users can now place widgets of 2×2, 4×2, 4×4, and 2×3 sizes on the home screen. A new ‘Widget Store’ has been added through which users can drag and drop the widgets of their choice anywhere on the screen. The smartphone maker has also introduced new system app widgets to make use of the new feature.

The feature will remain in the testing phase on October 20According to Xiaomi, the new MIUI widget system will be in the testing phase from August 17 to October 20. This suggests that users on the stable MIUI channel, especially in the international markets, will have to wait for months to experience the new feature.

Widgets back in iOS 14It’s good to know that widgets are making a comeback after Apple introduced them in iOS 14. Even Google has revamped the core Android widget system with Android 12.

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