This cover reduces the network of smart phones, do not use them

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new Delhi. You must have noticed many times that the network in your smartphone goes intermittently. You think that the network is coming in other smartphones then why does this happen in your smartphone. If you are also struggling with this problem, then now we have the solution, knowing that you too can increase the network of your smartphone and can make calling without any interruption as well as use the internet in high speed. Actually some smartphone covers are such that there are interruptions for the network and you do not even know and this problem increases in the smartphone. Today we are going to tell you about some such armor.

hard plastic cover
Some people use hard plastic cover in their smartphone to protect it from damage due to fall. This news saves your smartphone from damage during a fall, but it has the disadvantage that it ends the network and whenever you make a call or use the internet, the network is not available, due to which many times you have a lot of problem. it occurs. If you are also using such covers, then you should stop using them and by doing this you will be able to feel that the network has become very good.

leather cover
The leather cover score is nowadays associated with luxury. It has become a part of lifestyle and people like to put leather cover on their smartphone and it is quite expensive too. If the leather cover is thin then it does not cause much problem but if it is thick then it can cause network problem in your smartphone. If you want to keep your smartphone safe as well as avoid network problems in it, then such a shield should not be used.

[Attribution to NBT]

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