This device of only Rs 150 will save hundreds of liters of water, you can buy it online and offline

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new Delhi. Nowadays most of the people not only have supply water in their homes, as well as people also install pumps in their homes. In such a situation, even when the supply water is not coming, the water supply remains intact. However, there are times when water gets filled in the tank and people are not even aware and it keeps on flowing and getting wasted. In such a situation, a lot of water is wasted and hundreds of liters of water is wasted if it is added on a month-by-month basis. If you also have this problem in your house and you also forget to turn off the pump, due to which hundreds of liters of water is being wasted, then today we are going to tell you the solution. Actually there is such a device in the market which will be of great use to you in saving water.

water tank alarm
Water tank alarm is present in the market nowadays to save water. It is an electronic device that works with the help of electricity. This device has an alarm as well as a sensor attached to it that detects whether it is full of water or not. As soon as the water tank is filled with water, the circuit of this device is completed and the alarm connected to it starts sounding. In such a situation, you immediately turn off the pump, so that the water stops flowing as soon as it is filled and is not wasted.

how much is the price
If we talk about the price of this device, then it is easily available in the market and you can buy it for a price ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 1000 and can be installed easily.

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