Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie could also be creating an R-Rated challenge

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Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise have loved an extremely fruitful relationship through the years, and McQuarrie’s first time directing Cruise was the extremely underrated JACK REACHER. When it came time to develop JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK, McQuarrie was only concerned in a producing capability as he handed over directing duties to Edward Zwick. Unfortunately, the sequel wasn’t fairly as successful because the first and wound up stalling the franchise after two movies.

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While talking with Empire, Christopher McQuarrie revealed that Cruise and himself had hoped to develop a 3rd movie in the JACK REACHER series that may have “actually fed into the brutality of [Lee Child’s novels].

Tom and I have been speaking about, had the series continued, to take Reacher to a spot where, in the post-Deadpool, post-Joker world, Reacher may have been an R-rated film and an R-rated franchise and actually fed into the brutality of these books. We have been absolutely able to lean into that.

Although an R-Rated JACK REACHER movie will not be in our future, Christopher McQuarrie teased that he is got something else with an R-Rated edge in the works with Tom Cruise. “It’s a really un-Tom character, and we now have plans for an much more un-Tom character that we’ve been speaking about, which I’m hopeful about sooner or later,” McQuarrie mentioned. “The franchise has moved on, and we haven’t. So we’ve now got stuff in the hopper. The [Jack Reacher] stuff we’re speaking about now’s tinker toys [compared to it], I’m truly very, very excited.” While one may argue that lots of Tom Cruise’s characters are primarily the similar, when the actor does give us something out of the atypical, the outcomes are usually fairly memorable, ala COLLATERAL or TROPIC THUNDER, so I’d undoubtedly be down for something out of Cruise’s wheelhouse.

Before Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise stand up to any R-Rated shenanigans (that sounded better in my head), they’re set to start filming on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 & 8, which was halted earlier this yr because of COVID-19. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 is slated for a November 19, 2021 launch, with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Eight anticipated to observe on November 4, 2022. Tom Cruise will subsequent be seen in TOP GUN: MAVERICK on December 23, 2020.


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