Toshiba Is No Longer a Player in Laptop Market

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Toshiba, the Japanese firm that was one time widespread within the tech world for its Satellite vary of notebooks, has lastly give up the laptop market and transferred all its stake within the laptop enterprise to Sharp. The new growth comes over two years after the Tokyo-headquartered firm offered 80.1 % shares of Toshiba Client Solutions to Sharp back in June 2018. That switch closed in October 2018, and the Sharp-owned Toshiba entity modified its name to Dynabook in January 2019.

Under the June 2018 deal, Toshiba retained a 19.9 % stake in Toshiba Client Solutions that’s presently referred to as Dynabook. The firm, nonetheless, has now offered that remaining stake to Sharp to utterly exit the laptop market and switch its laptop enterprise fully to the Osaka-based firm.

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“As a result of this transfer, Dynabook has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp,” Toshiba stated in a press assertion.

Sharp on June 30 exercised a name choice for the remaining excellent shares held by Toshiba that in the end resulted within the new upgrade.

Toshiba entered the market of laptops in 1985. It launched its Satellite vary to tackle IBM’s ThinkPad sequence. The firm was outsourcing its laptop making till 2015, although it began manufacturing newer models at its facility in China. However, the expansion of Lenovo, HP, and Dell made it more durable for Toshiba to proceed its success out there.

The exit of Toshiba someday struggling in opposition to the competition does not imply that the brand new proprietor of its laptop enterprise would not actively take part out there. In truth, Sharp showcased a few of its new laptop models at CES 2020. A report by Nikkei Asia Review last month additionally quoted Sharp Chairman and CEO Tai Jeng-wu highlighting the profitability of its Dynabook enterprise shortly after the 2018 deal. Tai additionally recommended that the subsidiary would possibly go public inside a yr.

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