Ukraine wreaked havoc on the basis of these weapons of America, such a big wound to the Russian army

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Kyiv: Ukraine has inflicted many major wounds on the Russian army in the last ten days. There is a difference between the ground and the sky in the fire power of both the countries. In the initial days of the attack, it was believed that Ukraine would soon succumb to the power of Russia. But, the Ukrainian army inflicted severe injuries on the Russian army () on the basis of weapons received from America and European countries. Experts believe that this is the reason why the Russian army in Ukraine has slowed down. The US has provided a huge amount of military aid to Ukraine since the early days of tensions. Now recently the classified list of weapons that America handed over to Ukraine has become public. It also includes anti-tank, anti-air and anti-armored missiles. This list shows that the US had been equipping the Ukrainian military with weapons and equipment useful for fighting in urban areas since early December. It also includes shotguns and special shoots, which can be worn to defuse explosives without detonating.

Stinger and Javelin missiles also included
The Biden administration has increased supplies of Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-tank Javelin missiles and other ammunition to Ukraine for the first time in the past few weeks, the Washington Post reported. This shows how much America has helped Ukraine to defeat Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been calling for more troops and weapons from the US and NATO. However, President Joe Biden has on several occasions ruled out the possibility of deploying US troops to Ukraine. A senior defense official told the Pentagon on Friday, on condition of anonymity, that military aid to Ukraine is an ongoing process.

Ukraine wreaked havoc on the basis of American weapons
Ukraine slowed down the offensive of the Russian army on the basis of these weapons. Despite this, Russia has captured many cities in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The capital Kyiv and second largest city Kharkiv have been hit by heavy bombing. The Russian army has been attacking these two cities for nine days, ie a day after the start of the attack. However, a look at the US weapons list given to Ukraine showed that the Biden administration already knew what Kyiv needed. After which America has given defensive weapons to Kyiv in large quantities. The US official said that we always see what Ukraine needs, and we have been doing this for years. He also informed that we have expedited our process of identification of requirements.

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Targeting Russian helicopters and tanks
According to the classified list, the US has sent a large arsenal of Stinger man-portable air defense systems to Ukraine. These are the weapons on which the Ukrainian military has shot down many Russian attack and transport helicopters and low-altitude UAVs. Several videos of shooting down several Russian helicopters are also going viral on social media. Apart from this, the US has also sent a shipment of Javelin missiles and launchers. Javelins are anti-tank and anti-armored missiles that have destroyed many Russian tanks and trucks. The ruined tanks and armored vehicles of the Russian army throughout Ukraine are also testifying to the power of these weapons.

The US also provided rocket launchers, shotguns and mini guns.
The US gave $350 million in arms to Ukraine at the end of February. In December also, the US gave $ 200 million worth of weapons to Ukraine. The immediate shipment includes the M141 single-shot shoulder-launch rocket launcher, the M500 shotgun, the Mk-19 grenade launcher, the M134 mini gun. Apart from this, America has also sent special shoots to dispose of explosives to Ukraine. These will be used to remove the explosives without bursting in the populated areas. The US is included in the list of 14 countries that have supplied large quantities of weapons to Ukraine in the last two-three months.

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