Unique feature in a smartphone for the first time! Earthquake information will be available from Xiaomi phones, new feature coming

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New Delhi
It first integrated an earthquake alert feature on its custom MIUI ROM for its phones and smart TVs in 2010. This feature was brought in partnership with Chengdu Hi-Tech Disaster Mitigation Institute. The tech giant recently released data to reveal that a total of 35 earthquake warnings have been received since the feature’s release in 2019. The magnitude of these earthquakes was 4.0 magnitude. At the same time, a total of more than 12.64 million warning messages were sent. Once again there are reports that another disaster early warning system can be launched. Xiaomi has teased a feature that will not only provide information related to earthquake warnings in the mobile, but it will also be able to monitor earthquakes. For this feature, some sensors will be integrated in the smartphones which will monitor the seismic activities on the earth in real-time. The new feature will be given in all Xiaomi phones in the coming time. However, Mi phone users running on MIUI 12.5 version can apply to become an earthquake monitoring volunteer by going to Mobile Phone Manager-Earthquake Early Warning. The Chinese tech giant clarified that when the sensor of a mobile phone detects vibration, it will be able to accurately detect earthquake related information through edge computing. If an earthquake occurs, it will send information to the Early Warning Center. The center will then use the information received from multiple mobile phones. And the Earthquake data will calculate the AI ​​to find out whether an earthquake really happened or not. If an earthquake is detected, the earthquake’s intensity, epicenter location and timing will be quickly calculated. After this, a warning message will be sent to the affected people present around that area. That is, if every Xiaomi mobile phone becomes an earthquake monitor device, then the number of earthquake monitors will also increase. That is, places where there are no traditional earthquake monitors will be able to get warnings in advance. And the National Earthquake Monitoring and Early Warning Network will cover more locations. The Chinese company has indicated that the privacy of users will be taken care of throughout this process and all user data and user information will not be disclosed for privacy. It is expected that this feature found in Xiaomi’s smartphones will not be available for other markets outside China. This information was given in a report by Gizmochina.

[Attribution to NBT]

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