US missiles doing Russia’s Afghanistan, causing havoc in Ukraine

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The US has provided Ukraine with anti-aircraft Stinger missiles as military aid to shoot down Russian planes and helicopters. These missiles were used in Afghanistan 42 years ago to eliminate the presence of the Soviet Union there. If Russian fighter planes bomb cities, this surface-to-air missile will strengthen Ukraine’s air defense. On the strength of these missiles, Ukraine has shot down many Russian planes. So far Russia has not involved its air force in the war. The war between Russia and Ukraine entered its eighth day on Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a military operation. The Stinger shipment to Ukraine is part of an aid package the US announced on Friday. In addition to Stinger missiles, Javelin anti-tank missiles are also being sent to Ukraine. Apart from this, Germany has also announced that it will send about 500 Stinger missiles.

Missile can be fired by keeping it on the shoulder
To support Ukraine, the Netherlands also said it would provide 200 Stinger missiles. The Stinger missile is a portable missile that can be fired by a person on the shoulder. It is also called man-portable air defense system. It can be fired from various locations including ground vehicles, helicopters and airforce. It is capable of attacking almost anything at altitudes up to 11,000 feet. When the USSR entered neighboring Afghanistan in 1979, the US armed Mujahideen fighters with Stinger missiles to shoot down USSR planes and helicopters. Stringers have also been used in other conflicts, including the Chechen War, the Sri Lankan Civil War and the Syrian Civil War.

[Attribution to NBT]

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