US Senate passes bill to deal with Chinese technology, the dragon trembled

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The US Senate has passed a bill focused on strengthening US technology in the face of increasing competition from China and other countries. China has reacted strongly to this. China said the bill focused on an indirect attack on China’s domestic politics and preventing its development. China’s Foreign Affairs Committee issued a statement expressing “strong objection and strong opposition” to the US Innovation and Competition Bill. The US bill was passed by the Senate on Tuesday. China said in the statement, “In order to maintain US hegemony, this bill exaggerates the so-called threat from China on the pretext of human rights, so as to interfere in China’s domestic politics and allow China to develop. be deprived of a legitimate right.’ It said that no one should think that China will accept anything that harms its sovereignty, security or development interests. China also denounced Taiwan’s support for the bill and the mention of Hong Kong. While China claims Taiwan as its share, in Hong Kong it is accused of harming democracy. The statement said that all these issues are “entirely internal matters of China and no foreign interference in this will be accepted.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in his daily press conference that the bill has been presented in a distorted way, which is an attempt to hinder China’s development path and interfere in its domestic and foreign policy.

[Attribution to NBT]

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