Uttarakhand: Will the ‘donkey’ become the turning point in the assembly elections here?

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New Delhi/Dehradun
Nothing can be said when what will happen in politics. Now look no, suddenly a donkey has entered the politics of Uttarakhand. The means of its entry did not become the leader of any street, locality or ward, but became the CM of the state for almost four years. A video of him is viral, in which he is seen saying that ‘We speak here that the donkey happens, dhaincha-dhaicha kar’. After that, now the sound of ‘Dhaincha-Dhaincha’ has started coming everywhere. It is being said in the political circles that this ‘Dhancha-Dhancha’ should not become a ‘turning point’ in the assembly elections to be held within the next six months in Uttarakhand! By the way, I do not know why, the donkey is considered to have fallen so much here. If anyone ever gets a chance to read Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, then the importance of the donkey will be guessed. And whoever has read it will know. It is said that she used to bathe in donkey’s milk to maintain her beauty. A characteristic associated with the intelligence of a donkey is also said that if it finds any activity unsafe, it does not engage in it. Donkeys can remember the place where they lived 25 years ago. They can even remember donkeys they met 25 years ago. Moreover, the election symbol of the Democratic Party of America is also a donkey. But here the donkey is considered a donkey. At present, the tongue of donkey that Trivendra Singh Rawat has described as ‘Dhaincha-Dhaincha’, you need to understand more because ‘Dhaincha’ has special meaning in the politics of Uttarakhand.

political importance of dhaincha
People who belong to agriculture or village must know that dhaincha is a plant. Ropes are made from its bark. It is also used as green manure, but it has special significance in the politics of Uttarakhand because there was a big scam in the government procurement and distribution of Dhaincha seeds. It is a matter of that era when Trivendra Singh Rawat used to be Agriculture Minister in the BJP government of the state i.e. 2007-12 tenure. Congress had made it a big issue, had said that action would be taken against all those involved in the government. The Congress government was in the state from 2012 to 2017. First Vijay Bahuguna was the CM, later Harish Rawat. Till that time he used to be in Congress and was Agriculture Minister in the state government. Later he joined BJP. First he became a minister in the government of Trivendra Singh Rawat, after that his ministerial post was retained in Tirath Singh Rawat. Now he is also a minister in the Dhami government. Recently, he made such a statement about his own party’s former CM Trivendra Singh Rawat that there was an uproar in the politics of the state. He said, ‘The then CM Harish Rawat wanted to send Trivendra Singh Rawat to jail in the Dhincha seed scam but I had saved Trivendra Singh Rawat by writing a two-page note. On doing this, Harish Rawat told us that you are giving milk to the snake. Had Trivendra Singh Rawat gone to jail at that time, he would not have been able to become CM in 2017. When Trivendra Singh Rawat was questioned by the media that how much truth is there in the statement of Harak Singh Rawat, he said, ‘We speak here that the donkey is what happens, dhaincha-dhaicha karta’. This was followed by another statement of his, in which he took more sarcasm, ‘Harak Singh Rawat is a learned man. He taught, cultivated, educated thousands of children. His character has been very bright, be it economic, moral, personal, the whole world knows. I salute his excellence.

Why was there an uproar?
Harak Singh Rawat has replied to Trivendra Singh Rawat, ‘It should always be kept in mind that those whose houses are of glass, they do not throw stones at the houses of others.’ From here the doubt arises that the way Harak Singh Rawat has brought Trivendra Singh Rawat on his target even though he was a minister in the BJP government, it is his courage alone or is he getting strength from BJP itself? Trivendra Singh Rawat is said to be not happy after being removed from the post of Chief Minister. On many occasions he has made his pain public that he still does not know why he has been removed. If there is no motivation from within the BJP behind a state minister opening a front against him just six months before the state elections, then can it be considered that Harak Singh Rawat is heartbroken with the BJP? He left the Congress because he was considering himself as the chief ministerial candidate, when there was no scope for him, he joined the BJP. His claim in BJP could not be made. There doesn’t seem to be any such hope as of now. Because of this, there is a rebellion somewhere within them as well. In such a situation, it is not surprising if we get to see some upheaval in Uttarakhand through ‘Dhaincha’ in the coming days.

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